The world should never forget …

Photo of Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton 
Rev. Sharonda
Photo of Ethel Lee Lance 
Ethel Lee
Photo of Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney 
Rev. Clementa
C. Pinckney
Photo of Tywanza Sanders 
Photo of Rev. DePayne Vontrese Middleton 
Rev. DePayne
Vontrese Middleton
Photo of Cynthia Graham Hurd 
Graham Hurd
Photo of Susie J. Jackson 
Susie J.
Photo of Rev. Daniel Simmons, Sr. 
Rev. Daniel
Simmons, Sr.
Photo of Myra Singleton Thompson 
Myra Singleton

Acts of Amazing Grace is the commemoration project that began last year at the anniversary of the tragedy at Mother Emanuel AME Church. This project was a call to action in response to the outpouring of emotion to the horrific murders of nine worshipers at bible study. Citizens around the city, state, nation and world were called on to perform random acts of kindness designated as Acts of Amazing Grace to honor those persons who lost their lives, as well as their families, the survivors, and the church.

The tragic event of June 17, 2015 affected lives around the world. People searched for meaningful ways to respond positively to the incident. ACTS OF AMAZING GRACE 2017 is initiated again this year with the same call to action.

Everyone is encouraged to perform their own personal Act of Amazing Grace. This can be as an individual or a group. Whatever kindness you can do will go a long way to make this world a better place. We still consider this one of the best ways to honor the lives of the Emanuel 9. We encourage everyone to share their Act of Amazing Grace on Facebook @ Acts of Amazing Grace 2017, it may inspire someone to do the same.

Video of President Obama singing Amazing Grace at Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC. (2:30)
Love artwork by Lauren James. Used with permission.
– Artwork by Lauren James.
Used with permission.

This year we are adding an additional component to ACTS OF AMAZING GRACE 2017. Around the city and across the nation, many organizations sprang up as a response to make the world a better place — to combat racism, to push for gun control, and to further promote causes that push for peace and social justice.

If you created an organization or event as a result of the Emanuel tragedy, we respectfully request that you list it in the comments on Facebook @ Acts of Amazing Grace 2017. Please tell us the name of your organization or event, the purpose, the actions you have initiated and the contact information.

Lastly, and most importantly, ACTS OF AMAZING GRACE 2017 believes in calling the names of the Emanuel 9. The world should never forget:

Photo used with permission by Russell Lewis NPR.
  • Rev. DePayne Middleton Doctor
  • Cynthia Graham Hurd
  • Susie Jackson
  • Ethel Lance
  • Rev. Clementa Pinckney
  • Tywanza Sanders
  • Rev. Daniel Simmons
  • Rev. Sharonda Coleman Singleton
  • Myra Thompson
Photo used with permission by Russell Lewis NPR.

We thank God for His Grace and Mercy and the lives of our survivors.

It is still only through God’s Grace and Mercy that we are able to move forward. The tragedy of June 2015 will always be with us. Each day the church thanks God for all that He continues to do. We praise Him in advance for all that He will do. And we thank Him for that Amazing Grace that continues to “save a wretch like me.”

Love always wins.

Colorful mural of Rev, Clementa Pinckney by artist Tripp Barnes created as  
Mural of Rev. Clementa Pinckney by artist Tripp Barnes created as “beauty and color out of the tragedy.”